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Tips for Planning a Great Outdoor Event


Planning any type of event can be a frustrating and nerve-wracking experience without a definite plan in place. Individuals have many more options for an outdoor event than one that’s held inside and in South Florida there are problems unique to the environment. The following tips will aid in creating a great outdoor event.


Each municipality is different and has its own ordinances, laws, and requirements. There may be restrictions about the number of people that can attend. If the event is held in a public park, permits may be required and the space may need to be reserved in advance. Permits, scheduling, and location will all impact the event.


It’s essential that individuals know the budget they have to work with as it will affect everything from the cuisine that’s served to the entertainment. Organizers may have to make decisions on where they want to focus their money – food or entertainment – and make appropriate adjustments.


It’s a good idea to take a photo of the area where the event will be held. It will help in planning where vendors, entertainments, and seating will be placed. Don’t forget that concessionaires, amusements, games, and sound equipment will require power sources.


A benchmark of a good host is seeing to the comfort of guests. That means ensuring that attendees have ample seating to rest and relax. That can also necessitate arranging for tents and awnings to provide shade, or an air-conditioned space for the very young or the elderly to escape the heat and humidity. Tents with roll-down sides are essential in the event of rain.

Sanitation and Pest Control

Cleanliness and pest control go hand-in-hand. An adequate supply of trash receptacles will aid in minimizing the potential for pests. Hiring a professional to treat the area where the event will take place is an excellent idea. Have sufficient helpers to assist in clean up details when the event comes to a close.


For evening events, adequate lighting is critical to avoid accidents and injuries. It will also help attendees locate amenities quickly and efficiently. Keep a well-stocked first aid kit available at all times.

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