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South Florida Bounce House Safety First

Everyone’s safety is always at the forefront at any event involving our rentals. It is our top priority that every one of your guests leaves with a smile on their face, because they had a great time. While we do our best to conduct a professional business, we also want our clients to know that we need to work together as a team to ensure everyone’s safety. This blog highlights some of the more obvious concerns that people will have and how you can be a happy and satisfied patron.

With every rental and attendant will stay present during your event. That attendant will need to enforce that all the guests remember to follow bounce house rules. Roughhousing, fighting and other aggressive activity is tolerated. However, each person that participates is encouraged to use the bounce house as it is intended.

Proper clothing is necessary at all times. Shoes are not permitted to be worn on any of the water slides, obstacle courses or bounce houses. This is primarily to prevent injuries from shoes. Wearing the proper gear will keep kids from unnecessarily being injured.

When you live in a place like South Florida, you can be subjected to increment weather at a moment’s notice.  In some cases, it may be necessary to reschedule the event.  However, if elements such as lightning, hail or tornadoes are likely to be present the attendants will make the call to shut down the rental to keep everyone from being in the wrath of ‘Mother Nature’. Be sure to check the weather prior to the event to have extra insight.

Germs are always present when at the mercy of the public.  Try to keep your children home if they aren’t feeling a 100%.  We know they may not want to miss the party, but it’s better than having them spreading illness among everyone at the party.  Keep in mind that South Florida Bounce goes through an extensive deep-cleaning after every rental. But, this isn’t going to keep your children from breathing.  It’s better to keep them home.

Parental supervision is a must! We can’t stress this enough. If a parent can’t be present while their child is playing, then have them assign another adult over the age of 18 to be in charge.  It’s also a good policy to have the parent give consent by signing a permission slip giving the adult in charge the responsibility.

The higher your safety sense is, the more your guests will have fun.  Don’t forget these are a few of the obvious tips on how to stay safe.  For more information, contact our reps that have the answers.

We look forward to this 2016 summer season and spending it with zero accidents from everyone.

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