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Top Halloween Costumes for Kids 2023

Homemade costumes can be extremely cute and offer creative parents a way to show off their skills. However, few parents are crafty or handy enough to make a Halloween costume that will pass muster with their child. Youngsters want a costume that as closely resembles their internal vision of what they want to look like as possible and store-bought costumes do that well.

Imitation is a Key Factor

Children typically want to emulate their favorite characters from cartoons and anime, TV, films, and video games. There are dozens from which to choose and some are perennial favorites, but bear in mind that many other youngsters are trying to obtain the same costume, so begin the search for that special costume early.

Safety is No. 1

For safety, a costume should never hamper a child’s movement or pose a tripping hazard. Masks and headgear should never interfere with their vision and the costume should always fit well. Use non-allergenic makeup. Be prepared for younger children to be scared. All children don’t respond well to scary costumes.

Trick or treat is an exciting time for children and they dart about. It’s a good idea to have some type of reflective stickers or other decorations on a costume. Give them a refresher on traffic safety.

Top Costume Choices

There are dozens of movies that have resonated with youngsters this year and characters they want to imitate. Others want to be their favorite video game character or someone from pop culture. The following are some of the top costumes that youngsters are requesting in 2023.

Anything that lights up or glows in the dark


Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)


Harry Potter and Hermione

Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)



Optimus Prime

Pink Lady (Rise of the Pink Ladies)


Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse

Superheroes from Marvel or DC

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Wednesday Addams


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