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Labor Day Party Nightmares

Labor Day will soon be upon us and like many of you I’m sure you’re scrambling to get those last minute details done before guests show up at your house. We’ve all heard about the pressure of putting together a memorable party, the only tough part, is when the caterer doesn’t show up or the cake gets ordered and sent to the wrong house. Yes, it happens and these stories should be a bit ‘nerve’ relieving. Take a look at some of the stories our readers have shared with us over the years.

It seems that everyone has one of those parties where there’s a ton going on and none of it seems to be smooth. Things getting spilled, people showing up hours late, or whatever the case may be. Don’t you feel a sense of happiness when you find out that even the most perfect person, has a bad day or two?

Jennifer, Coconut Creek: Gwen and Chad were throwing their first Labor Day party since they had gotten married. Everything was special and all was going great until Chad’s stern Grandma, who they called “The Iron Lady” asked Gwen’s 9-year-old son for a light. The youngster quickly ran into the house and grabbed a candle from inside. Once he presented the candle to the elderly woman she took one look at the candle and began to laugh. Puzzled the boy looked at the grandmother and asked “Mam, why are you laughing at me?” The woman stopped laughing and immediately replied “Because I wanted a can of Light Beer, not a Candlelight!”

Gloria Henderson, Margate: Jill was excited to have everyone over, but her mother had been exhausting just to watch while getting ready for their Labor Day/End of Summer Party. Since it was also Jill’s birthday that weekend, she asked her mother to make her no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for her and her friends. While Jill’s mom was vacuuming she asked Jill to pre-heat the oven to 350°. Jill was curious what else her mother needed to make after she had already gotten everything ready so she decided to ask why her mom wanted the oven turned on. “We need to preheat the oven for your cookies sweetheart” her mother had remarked. “But I asked for No-Bake cookies. What the…?”

Jim P., Parkland: The kids and I were sitting out back when they asked who I invited from my work to our Labor Day party. When I told them my boss and his son they all shrieked in horror, “Oh No, Dad, Not Mr. Vernon’s kid, he pees in our pool” It was seconds after the kids were as white as a ghost, when they realized MR. Vernon, my boss and CEO of the company was standing right behind me. The first thing is kid did. He peed in our pool.

Of course, these are just a few of the stories we hope to make you feel better. At least you know we’re all human. Enjoy your week.

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