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Inflatables are the Best Outdoor Party Entertainment

Outdoor Party Entertainment

There are many reasons why inflatables have become the go-to entertainment option for parties of all types. They offer a safe means of providing guests with a wide array of games and amusements. In a digital age when fun and bragging rights are an integral part of online life, inflatables provide ample opportunities for social media posts.

The range of inflatables is truly amazing. Individuals can rent inflatables encompassing water slides and mechanical rides to popular carnival-style games. They allow people to engage in friendly competitions and are available to accommodate all ages, interests and skill levels. One of the advantages of inflatables is that models are available that provide 3-in-1 opportunities rather than a single activity.

People can try their hand at activities that include bungee trampoline, virtual roller coaster and rock climbing, along with multi-purpose inflatables for surfboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding. For those that have a competitive streak, inflatables offer multiple ways for guests to play and compete against each other in obstacle courses featuring multiple themes.

Full-size inflatable lawn games provide an elevated level of fun. Party hosts can select from Zorb balls, 9-hole mini golf, and human foosball. People can book a dance/disco dome, inflatable sumo arena, human billiards, soccer darts, and gladiator joust.  Even the younger set can get in on the fun with Hungry Hungry Hippo, a bounce house and child-size versions of dry/water slides.

Inflatables offer unique and interesting entertainment for any party. One of the advantages for guests is that inflatables level the playing field. Those that typically engage in cerebral activities are on equal footing with athletic types. Everyone wins with inflatables.

Playing with inflatables is hungry work and there will need to be food. They’re not inflatables, but fun food machines can be rented that helps hosts eliminate hot kitchens and save time. Guests can enjoy everything from hot dogs and cotton candy to popcorn and snow cones with rentable food machines.

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