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Water Slide or Bounce House

It can be fun planning entertainments for a party. Hosts want to please their guests and ensure they have a good time, but not everyone enjoys the same types of activities. Water slides and bounce houses are the top two rental choices for events. Before making a definitive choice, it’s essential that individuals know and understand their guest list and situations that could cause issues.

Bounce House

Entertainments that are attractive to the younger set are fairly limited, but there are few youngsters that can resist the temptation to frolic in a bounce house. Exercise caution – children under 6 shouldn’t use a bounce house as they lack the balance and coordination to use it and can incur serious injuries.

A bounce house must have a responsible adult supervising its operation to ensure no sharp objects enter the entertainment and that too many children aren’t using it at once. That supervision includes keeping an eye on the weather and removing children to a place of safety if wind or rain is present.

Water Slides

Water slides are an extremely entertaining way to beat the South Florida heat. The shortest water slide is 14 high, which doesn’t sound like an extreme distance, but can be daunting to some younger children. They features a splash pool at the bottom for additional fun and a play area for those that don’t want to attempt the ladder to the top of the slide.

For older youngsters and adults, there’s a wealth of options from which to choose, including water slides that are highlighted by a 40 ft. drop and multiple lanes for friendly competition. Selections are offered with twists, turns, and splash down pool at the bottom. There are also water slides that can be set up to deposit merry-makers directly into a swimming pool.

Water slides are equally applicable for home parties, school and church fundraisers, and corporate events. Beware of the weather. If it becomes rainy or windy, everyone should immediately vacate the water slide.

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