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Top Ideas for Party Themes

It doesn’t matter what a child’s interests are or their age, there’s a party theme to
accommodate them. Some themes are perennial favorites and the following are the top party
themes that have withstood the test of time.
Decorate with stuffed, inflatable, cutout and figurine animals from around the world. The
theme is especially popular with younger children.
Parents can bring the carnival to their own back yard. There’s a wealth of traditional games that
can be rented, along with bounce houses and similar entertainments.
Great for teens and tweens, parents can create a theme within the theme. Get the party
started with a disco ball, black lights or colored LED lights. The party can be based on any era or
type of dance, from swing to contemporary.
The range of fantasy-based themes encompasses wizards and mythical creatures to outer
space. Don’t forget the opportunities available in popular books and films, such as Harry Potter
and Star Wars.
Pool Party
The warm and humid South Florida climate make a pool party one of the most requested
themes. Parents can rent inflatable waterslides to accommodate teens to toddlers. Waterslides
are available in an extensive array of colors and themes.
Rock Star
At some point, almost every child dreams of being a rock star. Decorate with plenty of glitz,
inflatable guitars, faux vinyl records and musical notes.
Have attendees dress as their favorite superhero for an afternoon of fun. Decorate with
superhero cutouts, figurines and bright colors.
Treasure Hunt
Few youngsters can resist the lure of a treasure hunt. An added benefit is that it doesn’t require
a lot of room – but parents do have to be creative in where treasure is hidden. Be sure and
customize the hunt to the age of party-goers. The treasure can be anything from a cache of

gold-wrapped chocolate candy coins to a coupon for a free ice cream cone. For smaller
children, be sure that everyone gets some type of prize, even if they don’t discover the

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