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Teaching Kids Respect in 2017

It seems that today our children have acquired some advanced skills. Indeed, times have changed, and much of the technology we have now wasn’t available to us when we were younger. But, with all the smartphone and electronics in the world, not one device can teach a child to be respectful of others. While you may not have thought about how renting our interactive inflatables or bounce houses can teach kids how to be respectful, we’re here to point out the difference.

In fact, children can acquire new learned behavior while having fun in our many bounce houses, water slides, and carnival games. While we praise the parents, who rent any of our party favors, we give even more kudos to the folks who not only use these tools to have fun but to teach their kids how to engage with others by building team skills. Here are a few things to keep in mind while teaching your child how to be respectful even if it is 2017!

Call the kid out on their behavior if you notice that a child is disrespectful while standing in the line or during their activity. There’s no need to embarrass them in front of the other guests, but pull them aside and express how to handle the situation better and in a positive manner. If you only ignore the problem while they’re young, it will turn into a fiasco later.

Make sure the other parent, teachers or participants are in agreeance on how to handle the situation. Give the child the consequences, but also provide them with a plan of action and be sure to back one another on the decisions.

Teaching a child, the basic social interaction skills can be tough at times. While many of us may agree on that statement, it’s still important to teach them how to say “please” and “thank you.” This can teach children how to pay attention to others and not feel they are the most important thing on the planet. Disrespecting others is a form of bad manners that’s a reflection on how a child is raised.

Set realistic expectations and respect your child. You can’t teach a kid how to respect someone by being disrespectful to them. Give them realistic expectations by setting limits ahead of time. Make sure they understand these limitations early before things have an opportunity to escalate.

Learning how to help your kid cope with their emotions is not easy, but it can be one of the best lessons he or she will learn and use throughout life.

If you’re looking to rent any of our interactive sports, be sure to give us a call and find out which is best for your party or event. Until next time, Happy Bouncing to You!


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