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Teaching Kids to Be Competitive in a Healthy Way

One single aspect of being a parent is to raise our children to become successful in life. We should teach them things like how to be competitive. However, learning to compete in a healthy way is far more fun and a lesson they’ll carry for the rest of their lives. Here are a few tips you can take from the parents at South Florida Bounce to teach them how to be competitive without becoming a bully.

Give your child recognition for their strengths. Most of what our children learn come from their home environments. Boys and girls of all ages are always seeking approval from their parents. It’s not a difficult thing to do telling them when they have done something well. Rather than focusing on your kid’s weaknesses, concentrate on their strengths. Focusing on your son or daughter’s strengths helps to build their self-esteem, and they won’t have a desire to belittle other children.

Next, find sports and activities they are good at and then motivate them to stick with it. When you find an activity like soccer or dancing and your child has natural talent, drive them to build on that skill and watch them flourish. Don’t make your child stay with something if he or she is unhappy. Forcing a kid to do something will only discourage them, and they might take it out on someone else.

Competing with others is an important lesson to learn. Kids need to learn how to stand up for themselves. They need to hone in on how to take an idea and complete all the tasks to make them believe in what they can do. Teach your kids to work through their challenges and problem solve their way to a more desirable result.

Involve your children in group activities. Parties, little league, ballet, etc., are all activities where your kids can gain new skills and learn to share winning and losing. These types of life events can enhance your children to understand equality of one another, and that’s something we could use today.

Failing is a part of the process. You probably will be uncomfortable with this more than little Bobby or Jenny. However, if you get them to comprehend failing teaches us all how to improve and become better at something, they may look at life differently.

Of course, we don’t have all the answers, but with these important tips, you can help you son or daughter compete in a healthy way learning about…well, life!

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