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Is it Safe for Adults to go in Bounce Houses?

Adults can safely use a bounce house – provided it’s a medium to large size structure and they follow a few simple safety precautions. The smaller bounce houses that individuals normally encounter at fairs and carnivals are typically designed for children. They have lower weight and maximum occupancy limits. They were designed specifically to provide entertainment for youngsters.

The good news is that there are some bounce houses that can withstand the weight of older children and adults. Individuals contemplating a rental should make inquiries with the rental company about specifications. These types of bounce houses are equipped with stronger fans to maintain inflation rates.

They’re able to withstand the greater force exerted by a jumping adult. A bounce house with a weight limit of 1,000 lbs. or more is able to accommodate 4 to 5 adults. The amusements are manufactured with stronger materials and stitching. All bounce houses require anchoring to keep them firmly on the ground. Be aware that an adult bounce house will typically require additional anchoring.

Adults should avoid smaller bounce houses, those designed for indoor use, and any of the entertainments that measure less than 10×10 ft. If the device begins to deflate within the first few minutes, it’s obviously not designed for adult usage.

Even when a bounce house is designed to withstand the impact of adults, they should never use one at the same time as youngsters. That’s especially important if the child is young. Children age 6 and under shouldn’t use bounce houses. They don’t have the balance needed or the required motor skills to keep themselves upright.

There’s something irresistible about bounce houses that appeals to children and adults. As long as adults pay attention to weight and occupancy limits, they can have all the fun in the structure that children do. Safety should always be a primary concern and simple safety precautions will ensure that the bounce house doesn’t sustain damage and no one is injured.

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