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Party on a Budget

From birthdays to holiday celebrations, people like to party. If you’re expecting a large number of guests or have a limited budget, it’s possible to throw a blow-out party for kids or adults without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little creativity.

Forget the Fancy Venues

Renting a special hall isn’t your only option. You can hold a party at home or in a park and some organizations offer low-cost rentals for the use of their space. If the wear and tear on furniture is a concern for a home party or the weather won’t cooperate, it’s worth considering a low-cost rental.

Digital Invitations

Today’s invitations can easily be sent via invitation apps developed specifically for that purpose. You can issue the invitation and receive RSVPs all online.

Feeding the Masses

Food will be the biggest bite out of your budget so keep it simple and plan your menu carefully. Make it clear in the invitations how long the party will last, which will significantly reduce the amount of food you need. You can also choose to make the snacks yourself if you’re handy in the kitchen.

In some instances, a potluck is the best option. The work doesn’t all fall on you and you can have everyone indicate what they’ll bring, which means you can fill in the “holes.” You can create food categories in your invitations and do be sure to keep everyone informed if there are any food allergies.

Decorations and Supplies

Parties don’t have to have a theme to be successful. If you do choose to decorate or simply want to add a few interesting touches, head to the closest dollar store. You’ll find centerpieces and streamers to seasonal decorations. The dollar store is also a good place to find inexpensive plates, saucers, napkins, cups and utensils.


Music will set the tone and it’s easy to create a playlist for any type of party. A dollar store is also a good place to find inexpensive lawn games, indoor pursuits, or even a piñata for kid’s parties. The same is true for adult fun.

Share the Responsibility

Parties are fun, but the planning can be stressful. Don’t micro-manage or try to do everything yourself. Enlist kids and spouses to help. The whole point of a party is to spend good times with friends and family. You don’t have to decorate elaborately or serve costly appetizers to hold a party that will be remembered for its fun and warmth.

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