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Can an Outdoor Bounce House be Moved Indoors?

Inflatable bounce house rentals are in high demand for children’s parties of all types. Unfortunately, the South Florida weather may not cooperate with your party plans. It can be too windy to operate a bounce house or an unanticipated storm can develop. Be aware that some inflatable rental companies will allow clients to move the rental unit to an indoor space.

Potential Locations

Providing there’s enough room to accommodate the rental bounce house – and ensure the safety of users – the inflatable can be set up in a garage, underneath a patio overhang or carport, or indoors. It will still need to be anchored to preven it from tipping over and sand bags can be used to accomplish that task.

Ask the Company

Always ask the rental company if they allow one of their bounce houses to be set up indoors when talking to them about booking the entertainment. Ask to determine specific locations the company would recommend. If it’s allowable, the size of the bounce house will often be a deciding factor.

Size and Safety

Bounce houses are available in multiple sizes. There will have to be sufficient room around the inflatable for children’s safety and to ensure no damage will be sustained by the bounce house. Homeowner’s insurance is another important consideration if someone is injured. Your homeowner’s insurance may not extend to an amusement designed for outside usage if it’s placed indoors.

Best Solution

Even though some companies will allow their bounce houses to be set up inside a home or other area, the best solution is always outdoors. That’s where bounce houses are designed to be used. A bounce house can’t be operated in the rain or when the wind is strong enough to blow around soil. Take those variables into consideration when planning on a bounce house for your party.

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