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Last Minute Superbowl Party Preparations for 2017

As we all know Superbowl LI is soon to be underway with kickoff on February 5th. If you’re like many Americans who love their football, you’ve probably got your guests lined up, grocery list done and are heading into your last-minute details before the first touchdown is scored. If there will be kids at your party have you put your play by play strategy into place? We’ve got some in the ‘nick of time’ details you won’t want to miss that will turn your Superbowl Party into a Super fun party no matter what age range is present! 24, 36, Hut!!!

While we all know, Superbowl parties can be a hoot if you enjoy watching hours of pigskin getting kicked across the field. However, kids can be a handful during these games, and they aren’t always the center of attention while watching the half-time show. We have a solution for you, and it’s not too late to take advantage.

Just in time for the game, you can count on South Florida Bounce to bring you some ‘kid entertainment’ that can keep them pre-occupied while adults yell at their favorite quarterbacks. Waterslide and our Rock Climbing Wall are all standards for children’s parties but don’t forget we have some other cool games where the little ones can feel they’re part of the event.

Games like our Football Challenge and the Human Demolition Ball can make even the dullest of parties come to life. While the parents are indoors watching the big competition and America’s favorite past time, your sons and daughters can be enjoying the fun right in your backyard.

Got a kid that’s in Little League Football? Help them improve their skills the same day as the game. Any of our interactive games can teach the players to be a part of a team and make quick decisions in addition to using motor skills.

While we don’t suggest allowing the kids to be unattended, we do agree that this is one excellent idea that will keep your offense and defensive little leaguers in check. Furthermore, your thoughtfulness toward making sure EVERYONE has a good time will most likely get you a trophy as Most Valuable Parent!

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