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Why Kids Need to Be Competitive

Many people today would argue that competition and children don’t belong on the same page. Even in little league children are taught not to heckle the other players while on the field. In some cases kids, have been awarded trophies even when they didn’t win teaching children to compete is no necessary at all. In this week’s blog, we point out some positive aspects of fighting to win that might make you think twice before signing your child up for the next sport.

Healthy competition helps children during their development for a multitude of benefits. They will be faced with people in their careers who will always challenge them. By learning the right ways to compete early on, they are at the advantage when they become adults. In addition to that statement, they become accustomed to winning and losing and can systematically concur either a win or loss.

Working hard at something and sticking with it is a valuable lesson in life. Learning skills both motor and through cognition gives kids the advantage as they become stronger both mentally and physically. Social skills are enhanced as they learn how to develop and interact with other children competing for the same things.

Children who learn how to compete in a wholesome way also learn how to problem solve; they build self-esteem and more efficient throughout their lives.

Working in groups is something your son or daughter will most likely encounter at some point in their lives. By allowing your kids to participate in games and sports, they are learning practical ways to react to competitive situations that will allow them life skills.

The words effective competition gives a pretty good description that creates an atmosphere of where kids want to participate, and that’s also good for parents too.

Healthy competing takes place with the adults first. Don’t stress out before a big game. Rather talk with them about thinking positively. Speak to them about their accolades and accomplishments. The focus should be on what they’ve achieved individually as well as with their team. Ask them what they would have done differently, and speak with them about the other players and how they grew from winning or losing.

By taking yourself out of the competition and teaching your kids, the positive side to competing will help you both change the perspective on his or her performance.

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