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Easy DIY Party Decorations

Party decorations are an integral part of any event, whether it’s for adults or children. You can take a DIY approach to decorations to save money. You don’t have to be a craft-oriented person to create paper or balloon items of which you can be proud – and you’ll have fun making them.

Paper Flowers

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but they’re expensive and have a limited lifespan. With tissue paper, you can decorate with single flowers, bouquets and wreaths to add ambiance and color to any gathering.

Party Hats

Fun and festive, party hats are very easy to make and decorate. They can be customized for a variety of different themes. Cone-style hats are easy for a children’s party, while more elaborate crowns and similar types can be crafted with the array of colorful and shiny paper available.


The festive designs are crafted of paper and can be hung on walls, over doorways, on mantles, and draped around tables for any event or occasion.


A paper banner is very easy to make with a color printer and simple design program. Sentiments can be spelled out on individual pieces of paper, decorated by hand or with a design program, and hung anywhere you’d like.

Pom Poms

There’s something appealing about a paper pom pom. They can be made as stand-alone decorations for tabletops or attached to a wire and hung as a garland,

Balloon Arch

Balloons are a staple in party decorations. A balloon arch is a great way to greet guests. The arch can also be used as a background for photos to commemorate the occasion. Available in a rainbow of colors, choose pastels, metallic or glow-in-the-dark styles, and you can even add glitter.


One of the easiest decorations to make, they can be crafted as simply or elaborately as you desire. Adorn the fans with glitter for a flashy appearance.

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