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Bouncing for Dollars – 3 Reasons Why Bounce Houses are Great for Charity Events

If you have a charitable organization, you’re missing out on an extraordinary fund-raising opportunity if you haven’t considered renting an inflatable bounce house. It’s a novel way to raise funds for any charity and will have people lining up to participate. There are several different ways in which bouncing for dollars can raise money for charities. No matter which fund-raising model an organization decides upon, a bounce house rental is a great way to raise funds.

Splitting the Cost

In this type of arrangement, organizations pay no up-front cost to the bounce house provider. The inflatable is delivered to the organization’s venue and set up. The company splits the profits with the charitable entity. It’s an effective option for organizations operating on a limited budget or to increase awareness of a particular cause.

Pay-Per-Session and Wristbands

Another fund-raising model requires participants to pay a flat fee for a turn in the bounce house for a specific amount of time. Organizations can use a color-coded wristband to monitor the time a child spends inside the bounce house according to the length of time for which they’ve paid.

Sponsored Jumping

Another way to raise funds is to have a child that plans to use the bounce house have friends, family or businesses sponsor them with a financial donation for the time they spend playing in the bounce house. Conversely, organizations can receive donations from businesses for the rental fee.

Incorporating Other Options

Some charitable organizations pay the rental fee for the inflatable and operate it as part of a larger festival or event. This option has the benefit of providing organizers with an additional draw to an event.

Drawings and Giveaways

Organizations can create excitement among adults with an associated drawing or giveaway. Businesses donate items for the fund-raiser. When parents bring their child to the bounce house, their name is entered into a drawing for one of the donated prizes.

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