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Bounce Houses are Perfect for Backyard Family BBQs

Most people think of a bounce house in terms of fairs and carnivals. Anywhere there’s a
gathering of children age 6 to 12 is a good venue for a bounce house, including a backyard
family BBQ.
Keep Kids Occupied
There’s an inherent appeal in a bounce house that can’t be denied. It’s a great way to keep kids
occupied, entertained, and away from grills or smokers. It’s also an excellent opportunity for
children to work off excess energy that can easily find an outlet in less appropriate ways.
Health Benefits
While the health benefits of a bounce house aren’t usually high on a priority list, the inflatables
are a healthy outlet. They stimulate the circulatory system and represent a healthy aerobic
workout. They help kids improve coordination and balance skills, while strengthening muscles.
Rules and Precautions
Hosts need to know that a bounce house needs to be monitored by a responsible adult at all
times and must be set up in a certain way.
 Set up away from fences, structures, low-hanging tree limbs, and overhead utility lines
 On flat ground free of sticks, rocks, sprinkler heads and similar sharp objects
 Limit the number of children using the bounce house at one time to 3 to 4
 Only use a bounce house in sock feet
 Have kids remove glasses, jewelry and remove any sharp objects from their person that
might damage the bounce house
 Children of the same size, age and weight should use the bounce house at the same
time to minimize the ripple effect
 Never let kids under age 6 use a bounce house or youngsters over the age of 12
 Never use a bounce house in the rain or if the wind is strong enough to blow dust
With responsible monitoring and precautions, a bounce house is a wonderful addition to a
backyard BBQ. It provides entertainment for the younger set and gives adults a chance to catch
up on family news.

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