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Bounce House Safety

Bounce House Safety

A bounce house ensures hours of fun for children and is one of the most popular inflatables available for home use at parties. Safety for inflatables encompasses multiple components of which everyone should be aware.


Children should never be left unattended in a bounce house. A responsible adult should always be on-site to monitor usage.


The proper placement is critical to ensure the safety of those using the inflatable. Bounce houses should always be placed on flat ground that’s free of rocks and sticks, along with other protrusions such as sprinkler heads. Bounce houses need to have sufficient room all the way around them for optimal operation. Stay away from fences and structures. The overhead environment is equally important, such as tree limbs and power lines.


Bounce houses are subject to movement simply from children playing inside and wind. Always ensure that bounce houses are secured to the ground with tie-downs.


Don’t allow too many children in a bounce house at the same time. When multiple children are using the inflatable, it’s important that they be similar in age and size. Bounce houses aren’t suitable for children under the age of 6. They may not have the strength, coordination or balance required to use it.

Shoes and Sharps

Children should remove their shoes, glasses, jewelry and other items before entering a bounce house, along with objects that may be in pockets that could potentially puncture the inflatable.

Set Rules

A bounce house is for bouncing. Make sure that children know that roughhousing, flips, tumbling and wrestling aren’t allowed. Remove any child that doesn’t obey the rules for the safety of all.


If the wind is blowing strong enough to blow around paper, dust or move small branches, it’s time to have children exit the bounce house. The same is true if it begins to rain.

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