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Are There Bounce House Rentals for Adults?

There’s something innately appealing about a bounce house and adults don’t lose the desire to play in one. There are bounce houses for adults, but not in the traditional sense. Bounce houses for adults take the form of obstacle courses.

The inflatables are available with a myriad of activities in a single solution. They have a variety of themes, are available in multiple sizes, and the bounciness of the obstacle course adds an extra level of excitement and difficulty for adults that are young at heart. Depending on the rental, individuals can take turns in a time trial style competition or compete against each other.

Individuals can choose from bounce houses that contain rock climbing challenges, slides over 3 ft. tall, tunnels, and a variety of obstacles to overcome. or select a 100-ft. long warrior dash or military-style obstacle course to test the mettle of participants. For those that seek something different, try an extreme obstacle course.

People across the country are enjoying corn mazes as an autumn activity. No one has to wait until a season change with a fun house maze inflatable. Inspired by traditional fun houses found at carnivals, guests can get lost in the fun. It’s an ideal activity for fund-raisers, school or church events, and corporate picnics. Individuals can take a turn at a Ninja wall in an inflatable version of American Ninja Warrior.

There are also bounce house obstacle courses that can be customized, in which individuals configure their own obstacles. Individuals can choose log jams, bash poles, slides, tunnels, pop-ups, and a rock climb to get the adrenaline flowing. The array of ways in which the inflatable can be customized ensures it’s never the same twice.

Of special interest for those that are fans of racing is a road race obstacle course in which individuals have to navigate construction zones, dodge taxis, and climb over “vehicle” obstacles. Many of the obstacle courses that are available can be set up dry or wet for an extra level of difficulty and fun.

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