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Eight Reasons Booking Your Cultural Event at South County Civic Center Makes Sense

If you’ve volunteered to be on your church planning committee and looking for an ideal location to hold your next church celebration, we recommend visiting South County Civic Center. There are several reasons why this makes sense and this blog will help shine a light on the subject.

The center is located at the corner of Jog Rd and Morikami Park Elementary School; the civic center is open for rent. This large facility can hold up to 500 people and is equipped with a kitchen area that’s full of counter space. Ideal for weddings, baptisms and bah-Mitzvahs.

The interior has plenty of chairs and tables for rent along with a stage for presenting. You have plenty of space for a big event or a smaller, more intimate one such as a revival or prayer service.

The lobby of the center makes a nice reception area and is furnished with seating for small gatherings. Plenty of space for crowd traffic to maneuver in. This area allows for plenty of access in and out of the building the spacious grounds.

The large open space is perfect for hosting carnivals and other fun filled activities. Because it’s not in a public area, it’s often a more suitable choice for private and religious parties and events.

Plenty of room on the grounds for a bounce house or water slide for  the kids to play on. South Country

Civic Center Makes Sense because this facility sits on 4.8 acres of land.

The park office opens Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

If you’re looking to reserve this park the available times are Sun-Thursday until 10 pm Fri-Saturday until 12 midnight.

Dogs are allowed at the park as long as you keep them on a leash, making this ideal for doggie events too!

The South County Civic Center is one of the many wonderful parks in the Palm Beach County Areas. This is a great location for you to plan your event if you’re in the Palm Beach county area.

To learn more about this park  and volunteering  contact 561-495-9813.

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