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Big Fun for your Small Gathering

Small gatherings deserve the same amount of care and a fun factor equal to major events and you can achieve that goal in a variety of ways. There’s a myriad of methods to liven up a small gathering that’s as much fun for adults as children. The following are some suggestions in no particular order.

Costume Party

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to hold a costume party. The best part is that you can choose from dozens of themes ranging from spooky to historical. The Wild West, pirates, zombies, and themes derived from TV shows and films are especially popular.

Escape Room

These are great for groups of 10 or less. A word of warning – while they’re great fun, some are not appropriate for children under a certain age or those that are impressionable. Different themes are offered and each adventure typically lasts for an hour as you put together clues and solve puzzles to escape.


There are rentable inflatables to accommodate any space requirement. The range of inflatables encompasses water slides, bounce houses, and full-size board/lawn games, along with inflatable options for carnival fun.

International Potluck

If you don’t feel like fighting the crowds for a dinner out, have guests each bring a dish from a different country. It doesn’t matter whether they make it themselves or bring pre-made restaurant food – bonding over food is a worldwide custom.

Mechanical Rides/Games

If you’ve ever had a yearning to try your hand at bull riding, you can rent one of the popular rides for your gathering. Bungee trampolines, rock climbing walls, interactive experiences, and robo surfers are other options that can be rented.

Movie Night

It’s easy to hold a Hollywood premiere night in your backyard. You’ll need a projector and if you don’t want to spare the money for a screen, a large white sheet makes a serviceable alternative. The same idea can be repurposed for a football party and there are food machines that can be rented for the event that includes popcorn, hotdogs, and sno-cones/shaved ice.

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