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4 Essential Elements for Bounce House Rental

The range of inflatables is incredible and bounce houses are a perennial favorite for youngsters ages 6 to 12. There are some important elements to consider when renting one of the inflatables.

Plan Early

Companies that rent bounce houses have significant inventory, but they’re in high demand. That means reserving the rental early is essential. Before renting a bounce house, make sure you have a firm date planned for the event. There’s always a chance of inclement weather, but waiting for a weather forecast can mean there isn’t a bounce house available or a specific inflatable to accommodate a theme is already rented.


There are some very specific requirements when successfully setting up a bounce house. A bounce house must be established on level ground free of rocks, twigs, sprinkler heads and other items that could puncture the inflatable. For the safety of users, the bounce house must be set up away from low-hanging branches, fences, outbuildings, and any type of overhead utility lines.


Bounce houses are fairly rugged, but they can be punctured and overloaded. A responsible adult should be available at all times to ensure youngsters don’t wear jewelry or glasses, or have sharp objects in their pockets when using the inflatable. Youngsters using the bounce house should be similar in age and size to equalize bouncing rebound and limit jumpers to 6 at a time. Even though the bounce house will utilize tie-downs, never operate the inflatable if it’s raining or if the wind is strong enough to blow around small gravel.

Let Children Choose

There are dozens of bounce house model from which to choose, from cartoon characters and pirates to disco and fairy tales. Let the youngster choose the bounce house they like best. There are also special bounce houses designed with toddlers in mind. The inflatables are available with holiday themes and those for adults that also provide a backdrop for photos.

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