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Where’s the Best Place to Have the Bounce House Set Up?

Bounce houses create hours of fun and provide healthy exercise for children, provided the
inflatable is set up appropriately. There are certain rules for establishing a bounce house to
ensure the safety of those using it and to protect the integrity of the inflatable.
The Surface
A bounce house should only be set up on a flat, even surface. It should be free of sticks, stones,
rocks, and branches. The inflatable should also be set up away from irrigation sprinkler heads.
Aside from the danger of puncturing the bounce house, adults need to remember that children
exiting the bounce house may be wobbly and fall.
Weather Concerns
The weather can change rapidly in South Florida. Bounce houses should never be used when it’s
raining or a storm is on the horizon. Wind is another critical factor. Don’t use a bounce house if
the wind is strong enough to blow dust and/or small gravel around.
Other Hazards
Overhead branches are a definite danger and a bounce house should never be erected under
low hanging branches. It should be kept far from overhead utility lines, fences, sheds and other
types of hazards such as trampolines, swings and outdoor furniture on all sides.
Adult Supervision
It’s imperative that adult supervision is present at all times. It will be the responsibility of that
adult to ensure no more than 3 or 4 users are in the inflatable at one time. Youngsters should
all be of a similar build to mitigate the ripple effect that comes with jumping. Users should also
be similar in age – never mix young children with their older counterparts to maintain safety.
The adult will also be charged with having youngsters remove jewelry, glasses and empty their
pockets of any objects that could potentially puncture the bounce house. Users must remove
their shoes before entering and wear socks while in the inflatable.

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