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Bounce House 101: What to Consider Before Renting

Bounce houses are one of the most popular inflatables for children’s parties, business promotions, fundraisers, and special events. Since their creation in 1959, they’ve been a continuing source of happiness for children. Most people only think about the fun factor when renting a bounce house, but there are other things to consider.


Sanitation is always a primary concern and that’s especially true in an era of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rental company should employ a stringent cleaning routine using anti-bacterial and anti-viral formulas. The company should also be willing to wipe down the bounce house after it arrives.

Children’s Ages

To maintain safety protocols, bounce houses are designed for children ages 3-12. Children under the age of three can have problems exiting the inflatable on their own and youngsters over 12 may be too tall or heavy for safe participation. Group children by age when using the equipment. A good rule is 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Number of Children

Talk with the rental company about the number of children that will be in attendance. The company can help with choosing the right size. Each bounce house has an occupancy limit.


The individual’s insurance policy may not cover any incidents involving a bounce house, so make sure the rental company is insured. If the company has pricing that’s too good to be true, seek a bounce house elsewhere.


Renters will need to sign a waiver indicating they’ll be responsible for the equipment and how it’s used while at their location. The rental company should always provide clients with a written contract spelling out all the details of the rental.


Renters have the prerogative of examining the bounce house for any rips, tears or other damage and it should be firmly anchored to the ground. If any damage is detected or tie-downs aren’t employed, don’t sign the paperwork.


An adult should be on duty at all times to ensure safety and that the proper number of children are using the bounce house. In the event of high winds or inclement weather, power to the unit should be discontinued and children evacuated from the bounce house. Never allow youngsters to use the equipment during those conditions.

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